What is BRØG?

BRØG is a mobile knowledge sharing platform for all who enjoy a good cup of coffee. It allows you to scan a bag of coffee beans and instantly access a wealth of information on how others       have rated and reviewed the same coffee, helping you gauge the overall quality, popularity, and aromatic notes of the product.

Based on your preferences and past ratings, BRØG uses Artificial Intelligence to create personalized coffee recommendations, making it easier to discover new coffees more suitable to your taste. BRØG supports ethical and sustainable coffee consumption by highlighting information about sustainable and ethical coffee sourcing practices, enabling you to support responsible coffee producers. 

Meet the (dream) team

This is Caroline & Clara.

We met in 2020, when we enrolled on our bachelor within Business Administration and IT. Since then, many school projects and, more importantly, many memories have been made together. BRØG is our latest adventure, and we can't wait to have you onboard.